Here is what happened at the Special Education Committee on September 6th, 2023

The newly seated Special Education Committee of the Board met for the first time on Tuesday September 6th starting at 5 pm.

You can watch the English video here and the Spanish video here.

  •  We welcomed all the new committee members, gave them a chance to introduce themselves, and heard about their interest in Special Education.
  •  We had one presentation by the Division of Special Education, presented by Ms. Kristin Lambert and Ms. Lela Rondeau, on credit recovery programs over the summer and Special Education programs going into the current year. See presentation here.
  • The committee learned about the SIP Grant through the State of California for training and professional development and increasing inclusive practices training, making them mandatory for all school staff.
  • Additionally, eight modules are designed to equip special education paraprofessionals with evidence-based practices.
  • Our next meeting will be on November 1, 2023, at 5 p.m., right here in the LAUSD Board Room.

These are the members of the Committee this year:

Board Members

  • Mr. Scott M. Schmerelson, Chairperson
  • Dr. George J. McKenna, III, Board Member
  • Dr. Rocío Rivas, Board Member

District Members

  • Deneen Cox, Deputy General Counsel
  • Dr. Jose Soto, Interim Executive Director of Special Education

External Representatives

  • Antonieta Garcia, Board District 2 Parent
  • Lucas Cook, Board District 3 Student
  • Juan Capdet, Board District 4 Parent
  • Katie Malloy, Board District 5 Parent
  • Martha Martinez, Board District 6 Parent
  • Arlaina Jackson, Board District 7 Parent
  • Victoria Graf, Professor Emeritus, Department of Teaching and Learning, LMU
  • Karolyn Maurer, UCLA Graduate Researcher
  • Kim McLean, Teacher and Instructional
  • Coach Jamal Whittington, AALA

To learn more about the Special Education Committee go here.