Special Education Committee 2023-24



The purpose of the Special Education Committee is to inform parents, the school community, and others about the Los Angeles Unified Special Education Local Planning Area’s (SELPA’s) work on behalf of students with disabilities (which includes Independent Charter Schools that belong to the LAUSD SELPA).

Committee Members

  • Mr. Scott M. Schmerelson, Chairperson
  • Dr. George J. McKenna, III, Board Member
  • Dr. Rocío Rivas, Board Member

District Members

  • Deneen Cox, Deputy General Counsel
  • Dr. Jose Soto, Interim Executive Director of Special Education

External Representatives

  • Antonieta Garcia, Board District 2 Parent
  • Lucas Cook, Board District 3 Student
  • Juan Capdet, Board District 4 Parent
  • Katie Malloy, Board District 5 Parent
  • Martha Martinez, Board District 6 Parent
  • Arlaina Jackson, Board District 7 Parent
  • Victoria Graf, Professor Emeritus, Department of Teaching and Learning, LMU
  • Karolyn Maurer, UCLA Graduate Researcher
  • Kim McLean, Teacher and Instructional Coach
  • Jamal Whittington, AALA
  • Lucas Cook, Student Representative