Student Advisory Council

The Board District 3 Student Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis after-school to discuss matters being considered by the Board of Education, giving students the opportunity to share their feedback, opinions, and ideas directly with their school board member. The student representatives serve as ambassadors for their school, and are responsible for communicating updates to the rest of the student body.

Malaika is a junior at Lake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet K-12 and she has embarked on her first year as a member of the Student Advisory Council. Inspired by her sister's involvement, Malaika decided to pursue this opportunity due to her keen interest in understanding her school district's operations and the SAC board's procedures for enhancing educational experiences in schools like hers. With a track record of leadership, Malaika served as her Class President for two consecutive years, successfully organizing events that generated over $3,000 in a single school year. Additionally, she gained valuable experience by interning with Councilwoman Traci Park, providing her with a solid foundation in governmental decision-making processes related to the City of Los Angeles. In the future, Malaika aspires to pursue a double major in law and economics upon graduating.

Maliha, a senior at Lake Balboa College Preparatory, is in her second year as a member of the Student Advisory Council. Her journey to this role began when she first learned about the Council through her teachers, making her want to be involved more in LAUSD and her community. Currently, Maliha proudly holds the title of Associate Student Body President at her school. Beyond her role in student government, she also serves as the Vice President of two student-led organizations, Cougar Critique (a school newsletter club) and Cougar Safety Club. She tries her best to create a positive change within her school community. With her sights set on a future in Communications, Maliha aspires to get a position in public relations. To excel in communication, Maliha is also part of her Debate club at LBCPM. Outside her busy schedule, Maliha enjoys reading, cooking with her family, and cherishes quality time spent with her family and friends.

Mia is a 16-year-old junior at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences. This will be her second year on the Student Advisory Council, and she is looking forward to returning. She hopes to further her education after high school, perhaps at the University of Brown, UCLA, or UC Davis. As of now, she is not really sure what she plans on doing or going, but she wants to keep my options open. Mia is also a 2nd year member of her school’s principal’s cabinet and a regular student volunteer at an elementary school.

Rohan is a junior at North Hollywood High School, and is serving his 3rd year on the Student Advisory Council. He is a passionate student advocate in local politics, serving as an intern in Councilmember Nithya Raman's Sherman Oaks office and working on various state and citywide elections, and is also an avid public speaker and writer, being a successful member of his school's Model United Nations club. Rohan hopes to pursue a career in politics, with a goal of advocating for progressive, Gen Z values. When not pursuing these goals, he enjoys reading, watching TV, going to the gym, and eating dinner with his family.

Summer is a sophomore in the Medical Magnet at Van Nuys High School. Summer loves helping and serving others, which led her to volunteer at a hospital. She has always been a closed, introverted person, but after entering high school, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and apply for the Student Advisory Council as her first year. Aside from academics, she has been dancing for over a decade and is a part of her school's Dance Company. She holds several club officer positions and is president of the Sophomore class. Summer is a dedicated individual whose priority is keeping a healthy balance in her life academically, socially, physically, and mentally.

Christine is a sophomore at John F. Kennedy High School, and after hearing about the Advisory Student Council from her Magnet Board Coordinators is participating in her first year in order to learn more about the process behind the scenes of schools. Christine is a digital editor for her school’s newspaper and takes part in representing other school clubs. In her free time, Christine enjoys reading and hanging out with friends and family.

Miriam is a junior at North Hollywood High School, and this is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. Miriam is interested in all forms of writing—academic, analytical, journalistic, and creative, and wants to expand her writing to make a difference in her community through policy and civic engagement. She is highly involved in her school's History Day team as Vice President, and helps to run her school's literary and arts magazine as Assistant Editor-in-Chief, helping other students with their projects and individual writing. Additionally, Miriam co-founded LAUSD's first fencing team in order to fight stigma surrounding public school access to traditionally uninviting sports. Her goal as a member of the SAC is to advocate for and empower student voices in order to drive change in her community.

Alyssa is a senior at Northridge Academy High School. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. Alyssa loves to be involved in her school. She participates in ASB for her third year and is also involved in various clubs, including STEM Club. Additionally, she holds leadership positions as the president of both Earth Club and California Scholarship Federation. As senior class president, every day in advisory, Alyssa guides the Senior Council to plan senior events like Senior Sunset, Picnic, and Prom. Looking into the future, her goal is to study environmental engineering or environmental science as she has a very fond interest in the environment, community service, and sustainability. She is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the SAC and meet others from other surrounding schools.

April Garcia is a junior at Lake Balboa College Preparatory. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. She currently serves as the Associate Student Body Vice President of her school and vice president for her class. Along with partaking in the school's journalism club, April also serves as president of a tutoring club and secretary for the pre-med club. She assists her community by volunteering at the local hospital during her free time. April aspires to graduate from high school with an associate degree in psychology. She plans to attend a UC and pursue her career as a PA (physician assistant). She is looking forward to representing her school and becoming involved with the aim of learning more about the LAUSD community.

Christopher is a junior at Lake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet K-12. This is his second year on the Student Advisory Council. He is looking forward to reprising his role on the council, representing his school, and working with his peers to make sure their opinions are heard. Born and raised in Lake Balboa, Christopher wants to make a difference in his school and community. He is currently a part of the Debate team, Academic Decathlon, and the Robotics team. He is also a part of the basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track teams. He enjoys learning all subjects, but science is his favorite. He plans to pursue a career in Biology.

Vanessa Gomez, a high school student at William Tell Aggeler Opportunity High, is a first-year member of the Student Advisory Council. Introduced to the council by her principal during a conversation about the needs of students at Aggeler High School, Vanessa saw this as an opportunity to gain knowledge on how LAUSD handles student needs. As a regular student with a desire to do good in life, Vanessa values listening to others and helping them in any way she can. Despite being born in Ventura, California, Vanessa has spent most of her life in Watts, LA, experiencing sudden changes in homes and noticing the differences in everything. Vanessa's current interests primarily revolve around her involvement in the Student Advisory Council, demonstrating her dedication and commitment to her school. She devotes considerable effort and concentration to her academic pursuits, making them the central focus of her life at present. Although attending a school for specific reasons may seem unfavorable, it is important to recognize that each individual has a unique journey that has led them to their current position. It is crucial not to allow past mistakes to define one's present and future self, as personal growth and improvement are constant endeavors.

Allison is a senior at Van Nuys High School STEM Magnet. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. With a passion to advocate for youth rights, she was interested in joining SAC to help give a voice to those around her. Allison is the President of The Box of Crayons, a social justice club centered around sharing personal experiences and gaining understanding of everyone's differences. She is also President of her school's National Honor Society chapter, where she encourages academic leaders to develop skills to benefit their communities. Outside of school, she volunteers for several causes, though her favorite has been a volunteering for a child development center. She enjoys learning about and interacting with children and hopes to become a pediatrician. Last year, she and her friends started a small business selling jewelry and tote bags to raise money for Alzheimer's research. In her free time, you can find her baking cookies for her loved ones and playing her guitar.

Sean is a student at Northridge Academy High School. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. After learning about the opportunity from a fellow board member, he wanted to apply to help being change within his schools before graduation. Sean is in a vast majority of activities such as Cross Country, Basketball and Volleyball while in clubs such as Key Club, CSF, and a founder of Business Club. He also works as the Division 16 East Treasurer within Key Club. In his free time, he works at Starbucks and enjoys all things horror with his girlfriend.

Michael is a junior at North Hollywood High School. This is his second year on the Student Advisory Council, a position in which he seeks to promote student voices and student-district dialogue. Beyond the SAC, Michael is interested in public policy, law, and history, serving as president of his school's History Day team. He is a big Lakers fan and hopes to finally see a game at the Crypto Arena with his friends this year.

Simiya Joneiran is a Senior at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences high school in Granada hills, California. This is her second year in Student Advisory Council. After their work in SAC during the their first year, Simiya was far too invested and interested in the council and decided to become a returning member. Simiya wants to study architecture and hopes to go to UCLA. Aside from SAC, they’re also a part of Region North Student Advisory Council and their school’s Student Site Council. Outside of school, she works at Kids Empire, which is an indoor playground for children. She enjoys the arts and music and spends her free time with her creativity.

Leo is a student at John F. Kennedy High School. This is his second year on the Student Advisory Council. After a fantastic year serving the council, he decided to reapply, as well as joining Superintendent Carvalho's Advisory Council for the 2023-2024 school year. He is interested in making a positive difference in his district as well as trying to make every student's voice heard. Leo is the President of his SkillsUSA chapter on campus, and uses the skills learned such as leadership, teamwork, and communication in order to pursue a successful career. In his free time, he enjoys photography and taking photos, as well as cars.

Shenod is a senior at Northridge Academy High School. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. He wanted to join after realizing he could help make his and other students’ school experiences better. At NAHS, Shenod is vice president of his senior class and Art Club, as well as a board member for the ASB. He works at his local movie theatre, and dreams to attend NYU.

Nathan is a senior at North Hollywood High School, and this is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. He applied after doing similar programs such as the 2021-2022 LA Mayor Youth Council. He hopes that the Student Advisory Council will give him insight as to how policy changes and improvements are made to LAUSD schools and an opportunity to advocate for his fellow students. At his school, Nathan is currently the captain of his Science Bowl team, which won 2nd place at the LADWP Regional Science Bowl and the Science Olympiad team, which has consistently went to state tournaments. In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing a Quiz Bowl match with his friends or catching up on all of the latest Star Wars media.

Sarah is a senior at Chatsworth Charter High School. She joined the Student Advisory Council to advocate for student voices in schools. Sarah supports and represents students across the district and is actively involved in bringing together her school community. She has been able to pursue her passion for STEAM by founding the STEAM Club at her school and is involved with her Class of 2024 Committee. She advocates for student mental health and wants to ensure equitable educational policy. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

Jessica is a senior at Grover Cleveland Charter High School in the Humanities Magnet Program. She is apart of her schools Varsity Swim and Waterpolo team and is apart of her schools various councils where she can share her voice amongst the students like Student Cite Council. She enjoys advocating for her fellow classmates through LAUSD Superintendents Student Advisory council and SAC as a returning member for her second year. She enjoys to volunteer at her local CDI in her city of Canoga Park and Library. After school, she hopes to pursue a career in Law and Justice.

Sudha Nandi is a junior at Van Nuys High School Medical Magnet. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. At school, she is involved in various different clubs. She holds officer positions in several and founded two of her very own as well. Apart of ASB for two years, she is heavily engaged within student life, student services, and student needs. Outside of school, she founded Shelf Life, focused on promoting reading and providing access to books for all kids through book drives, volunteering, and fundraising. She has been a volunteer for the Bengali American Society since the age of 5. Through these experiences, Sudha has discovered a passion for school and community involvement. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, hiking, dancing with her friends in the VNHS Dance Company, and spending time with her family.

June is a California native who currently attends North Hollywood High School. In pursuit of her interests in art advocacy and public policy, she joined the Student Advisory Council to empower student voices. She is currently secretary of her school's speech and debate club and is editor-in-chief of a youth writing magazine. In her free time, June enjoys creative writing, dancing, and spending time with her friends. She hopes to pursue a career in the film or media industry after graduating.

Alan is a senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School and is returning to the Student Advisory Council for a second year. He greatly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the policy-making process of LAUSD last year and . Alan is the Print Editor-in-Chief of his school's news magazine The Pearl Post and hopes to pursue a career in journalism after graduation. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching baseball, a passion that motivated him to start a sports news YouTube channel called All Things Dodgers.

Zoey is a senior at Cleveland High School and joined the Student Advisory Council as a sophomore. Zoey is the captain of the debate team, president of GSA, and a member of the Metro Youth Council. They are also the founder and creator of IUY (, a website that allows queer youth to share and read coming out stories and gain gender affirming care. Zoey's favorite part of SAC is learning about new topics and researching the impact of district decisions.

Ansh Singh is a sophomore at Chatsworth Charter High School G+ STEAM Magnet. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. When he was informed by his school administrator about this amazing opportunity, he wanted it to be a memorable experience in relation to being involved with leadership. He wants to express a lot of his ideas about improving schools in many aspects while collaborating with other members. Ansh is a member of the G+ STEAM Council at his school and participates in MUN (Model United Nations). After being raised in Porter Ranch, he was inspired to join D-Groups at Shepherd Church. Through this program, he was able to talk to other people about his faith and making the right decisions in life. Some hobbies that Ansh occupies his free time with, are basketball, reading, and playing chess.

Madison Thacker is a junior at Van Nuys High School, where she attends the Performing Arts Magnet. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council, where, after learning about the opportunity from one of her teachers, she decided to apply due to her interests in meeting students from other schools, and learning more about how her school district makes policy decisions, and gaining more knowledge about the inner workings of a classroom, where she hopes to have a career in the future. Madison is an editor for her school newspaper, and hopes to pursue a career in education after she graduates. In her free time, she enjoys working on her schools bi-annual theater productions, both on and backstage.

Hailee is a sophomore at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. With her love of helping her community and her school she was highly recommend by one of her teachers encouraging her to apply. Hailee is President of her school's Key Club and she hopes to make a change in the world towards a better and brighter future.

Chloe Yong is a junior at Chatsworth Charter High school. This is her first year in the Student Advisory Council. Chloe is looking forward to working alongside many great students and district leaders to learn more about policies and procedures. Chloe aspires to become an attorney in the future working for public good. She is the founder of her school’s Mock Trial team which promotes public speaking and provides an avenue for professional development within her school. In her free time she enjoys playing beach volleyball and spending time with friends and family.


  • 9/20/23 (in-person)
  • 10/18/23 (virtual)
  • 11/15/23 (virtual)
  • 1/17/24 (in-person)
  • 2/21/24 (virtual)
  • 3/20/24 (virtual)
  • 4/17/24 (in-person)

Jack Klein - Parent Educator Coach, Local District Northwest

Sylvia Bell - Advisor Temp Special Services, LDNW Systems of Support Advisor

Brenda Young - Teacher, John R. Wooden High School

Patricia Gillikin - Advisor, Temp, Special Services, Canoga Park/Chatsworth Community of Schools

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