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April 2023: We’re doing right by our students! 

Abril 2023: ¡Todo lo que hemos logrado en Abril!

Past Editions

March 2023 After the rain  (and the strike) … we’re all better!

Marzo 2023 Después de la lluvia  (y la huelga).. ¡todos  estamos mejor!

February 2023 There’s a lot of good going on at Board District 3. Check it out

Febrero 2023 – Hay mucho que compartir en el Distrito 3 y en LAUSD 

January 2023 – A New Year, a New Role

Enero 2023 – Un Año Nuevo, un Puesto Nuevo

December 2022 – Here’s to a bright and restful Winter break to all!

Diciembre 2022 – ¡Ojalá y disfruten las fiestas decembrinas, y que descansen!

November 2022- Here’s your update from the Board meeting and more…

¡En este boletín le comparto la información del momento!

Noviembre 2022 –

October 2022 – I’ve got a few important things to share with you

Octubre 2002 – En este boletín le comparto la información del momento

September 2022 – Today’s Board Meeting and More!

August 2022 – Check out what’s happening at tomorrow’s Board meeting!

Agosto 2022 – Entérese de lo que pasará en la Mesa Directiva y ¡más!


Closing out the School Year!

¡Llegamos al fin del año escolar! 🎉

This May, we have a lot to share with you!

Here’s the latest, before we go on Spring Break!

Aquí les va lo último, ¡antes de salir de vacaciones! 

Celebrating International Womens Day and more! 

Celebrando el Día Internacional de la Mujer y ¡más!

If you’re looking for good news, we’ve got some!

Si busca buenas noticias, ¡le tengo algunas! 

What’s the difference between Quarantine and Isolation?

¿Qué diferencia hay entre la cuarentena y el aislamiento?

Getting ready to go back to school!

¡Listos para volver a clases!

 Join me in advocating for the full funding our students deserve!

Todo lo que usted necesita saber de LAUSD en Diciembre

Be present in all things and thankful for all things

Manténte presente en todo y agradecido por todo

Learn all about the Vaccines for 5-11 year olds!

¡Entérese sobre las vacunas para niños de 5 a 11 años de edad!

Something borrowed, something new, and something true!

Estoy seguro que mi boletín de Noviembre le gustará y le será útil

A new website and many great resources for you! 10/8/21

Un nuevo sitio web, muchos más recursos, !sólo para usted! 10/8/21

Here are the BD3 news and resources you need now!  9/9/21

¡Aquí les van todos los recursos e información que necesita ahora! 9/9/21/

We are so ready to welcome our LAUSD family back to school! 8/16/21.

Getting ready to come back to school 7/22/21

So much to share as the year comes to an end 6/22/21

Join me in advocating to ensure our schools get the funds they need 6/3/21

Appreciating our staff and much more 5/18/21

Our schools are open and so much more 4/14/21

Better days ahead 3/18/21

Despite the pandemic BD3 students are reaching for the stars 2/18/21

Vaccinations, reopening, standardized testing and more 1/26/21

A few treats for you this holiday season 12/22/20

LAUSD is shutting down again 12/3/20

Congratulations and thanks are in order 11/12/20

So much to learn about reopening schools safely 10/30/20

Tonight’s Webinar Reopening Schools Safely 10/29/20

Reopening  Safely 10/22/20

School’s in! Find out what all is going on at LAUSD!/8/31/20

Modernizing our school facilities and more 8/3/20

Are you ready to make Korean Japchae.. and more 7/23/20

Let’s be COVID-19 safe and more! 7/9/20 

So much to share… 6/23/20

Graduation 2020… and more! 6/15/20

I want to be honest with you 6/1/20

We’ve had a lot going on, check it out! 5/11/20

A Message of Gratitude 4/20/20

Learn More About the Supports We are Providing Our Students 4/01/20

Let’s Work Together During This Difficult Time 3/18/20

A New Year, A New Website 1/16/20

Join Us at our Open House 10/3/19

Welcome Back to School 8/20/19

The Latest from Scott Schmerelson, Board Member 5/29/19

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