Here’s what happened at the Board of Education Meeting on 6/4/24

The Board of Education met on 6/4/24 starting at 1 pm.   You can view the Agenda, the meeting materials, and the video of the entire meeting here.

The following investments to Board District schools were approved:

  • Northridge EEC, Cleveland EEC, Canoga Park EEC, Lemay EEC: Outdoor Learning Environment for Early Childhood  Education Centers
  • Reed MS: Roof replacement at 16 buildings with new gutters, downspouts, and skylights
  • Dixie Canyon Community Charter –  incorporate 8 additional shade trees in play yard
  • North Hollywood HS – relocation of mural to south wall at entry lobby
  • Canoga Park HS – Construction of new facilities, 2 story food services, classroom building with 12 classrooms, support spaces, food services, and student store; new lunch shelter. Also, a one-story M&O building, new covered walkways, track and field upgrades, bleacher repairs, a home/visitors restroom, concessions, a new scoreboard, parking lot, etc.
  • Granada ES – Provide classroom furniture – $59,921
  • Hart ES – Provide classroom furniture – $132,873
  • Beckford Charter for Enriched Studies – Secure entry systems upgrades
  • Armstrong MS – Gym equipment upgrades
  • Limerick ES –  Construction of 29 classrooms, support/administrative spaces, covered walkways, new parking, utilities upgrades, landscaping, hardscaping, fences, gates, security enhancements, accessibility upgrades, and green space additions/improvements. Demolition of 23 existing relocatable buildings (42 classrooms)
  • Hale Charter Academy MS –  Upgrades to 71 classroom interiors with new boards, sound enhancements, electrical upgrades, furniture, blinds, locks, ceiling tiles, ADA compliance upgrades.
  • Louis Armstrong MSUpgrades to 72 classroom interiors with new boards, sound enhancements, electrical upgrades, furniture, blinds, locks, ceiling tiles, ADA compliance upgrades.
  • Haskell ES – ADA enhancements in 9 restrooms, drinking fountains, nurse’s exam room, paths of travel, assembly sitting area, parking area, new stage lift, concrete ramps, metal ramp 
  • Parthenia Academy – ADA enhancements for seven buildings, 9 restrooms, 3 drinking fountains, 17 paths of travel, nurse’s exam room, assembly seating areas, parking area, stage lift

Board Member Schmerelson’s Quotes on Board Member Resolutions 

Dr. Rivas – Supporting Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 16 (ACA 16), the Green Amendment, to Codify the Right to Clean Air, Water, and a Healthy Environment for Every Californian – “We have the fundamental right to live but apparently we do not have the fundamental right to live well. It is sad to know that some of our students are drinking tainted water at home, living next to hazardous chemicals due to their zip code, or live in highly polluted areas. I hope the State of California does the right thing and begins the process to ensure all Californians have the right to clean air and clean water in their neighborhoods.”

Dr. Rivas, Mr. Schmerelson, Mr. Melvoin – Equitable Access to Vision Care in Los Angeles Unified School District Schools – “Vision care is crucial for the success of our students in the classroom and outside of it,” said Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson. “Students will have a hard time focusing on their education during the school day if they can’t clearly see what is in front of them. Access to vision care is just as crucial as providing tutoring and intervention for students.”