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2023 Sponsored Resolutions

2022 Sponsored

06/14/22 Investing and Strengthening Social Emotional Learning Competencies and Practices Across Los Angeles Unified for College, Career and Beyond (Res-032-21/22)
05/10/22 Student Empowerment Today! (Res-030-21/22)
05/10/22 Restructure Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education: Elevate Language Equity, Eliminate Bias in Deaf Education, and Improve Educational Outcomes (Res-029-21/22)
05/10/22 Arts Justice: Access and Equity Across the Disciplines and the District (Res-028- 21/22)
05/10/22 Celebrating Los Angeles Unified School District’s Classified Employees’ Service, Skill and Long-Standing Commitment to Our Communities (Res-027- 21/22)
04/05/22 Remembering and Honoring the Significance of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (Res-024-21/22)
02/08/22 Celebrating March as Women’s History Month (Res-023-21/22)
02/08/22 Commemoration of the 54th Anniversary of the 1968 East L.A. Walkouts for Educational Justice (Res-022-21/22)
02/08/22 Celebrating March as School Social Worker Month (Res-021-21/22)
02/08/22 Celebrating February as Children’s Dental Health Month (Res-018-21/22)
02/08/22 Black Student Excellence through Educator Diversity, Preparation and Retention (Res-014-21/22)
01/25/22 Celebrating Black History Month (Res-020-21/22)


12/07/21 Los Angeles Unified School District’s Celebration of National Special Education Day (Res-013-21/22
10/26/21 Recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Res-010-21/22)
09/14/21 Los Angeles Unified School District Standing in Support of Refugee Students from Afghanistan (Res-008-21/22)
09/14/21 Celebrating Latino/a/x Heritage Month in the Los Angeles Unified School District 2021 (Res-004-21/22)
9/14/21 Ensuring Local School Site and Community Control, Authority, Autonomy and Choice Regarding Safe Campuses and the Protection of Our Students and Staff- Failed (Res-029-20/21)
6/8/21 Mommy, Daddy and Me (Res-032-20/21)
4/14/21 Standing Against Sexual Violence and Commemorating Denim Day 2021 (Res-022-20/21)
4/14/21 Charting a Path to Universal Preschool for Three and Four Year Olds in Los Angeles by 2024 (Res-021-20/21)
4/14/21 Fully Funding Access to Immersive, Outdoor Learning Opportunities Res-019- 20/21
4/14/21 Declaring Support for Federal Acknowledgement of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians Res-017-20/21
3/9/21 Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day Res-018- 20/21
3/9/21 Critical Media Literacy Res-015-20/21
1/14/21 Creating New School Gardens and Campus and Community-Shared Green Spaces to Provide Outdoor Learning Opportunities and Create Sustainable and Healthy Environments Res 042-19/20
1/14/21 Celebration of Black History Month 2021 Res-012-20/21


12/8/20 Affirming the District’s Commitment to Adult Education by Supporting Our Adult Education (Res 039-19/20)
10/6/20 Honoring the Significance of April 24th in the Los Angeles Unified School District (Res-008-20/21)
10/6/20 Safety First: Leveraging Partnerships and Advocacy to Create Safe Routes and Passages to School for All Los Angeles Unified Students (Res 040-19/20
10/06/20 Recognition of the Small Business Advisory Council, Establishment of the Micro-Business and Veteran Business Participation Goals and Preferences (Res 038-19/20)
10/06/20 It’s Elementary- Attracting, Retaining, and Supporting Students and Families by Extending Program Offerings for Younger Learners (Res-034-19/20)
09/15/20 Celebrating National Latino Heritage Month 2020 (Res-009-20/21)
08/25/20 Honoring Reverend James Lawson, Jr. (Res-002-20/21)
08/25/20 Ethnic Studies for All Students: Reaffirming Our Commitment to Ethnic Studies in Los Angeles Unified School District (Res-001-20/21)
8/11/20 Commemorating the Life and Legacy of Member of Congress John Lewis (Res 003-20/21)
07/09/20 Charting Progress and Expanding Support for Community Schools (Res-045- 19/20)
6/23/20 Los Angeles Unified School District Student Bill of Rights (Res-046-19/20)
3/10/20 Honoring the Life and Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez (Res-036-19/20)
3/10/20 Celebrating March as Women’s History Month and the 100th Year Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement (Res-035-19/20)
02/04/20 Public Schools Week 2020 (Res-032-19/20)
02/04/20 Los Angeles Unified School District Sponsorship of Earth Day Greater Los Angeles 2020 (Res-031-19/20)
02/04/20 Celebration of Black History Month 2020 (Res-030-19/20)
02/04/20 Recognizing and Reaffirming Los Angeles Unified School District’s Commitment to Serving Students with Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities (Res-029-19/20)
02/04/20 Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 (Res-028-19/20)
1/14/20 Directing Charter School Overallocation Reimbursement Funds to Home Schools (Res-024-19/20)
1/14/20 Tobacco-Free and Vaping-Free Schools and Communities (Res-023-19/20)
1/14/20 Celebrating Filipino Heritage and History Month (Res-022-19/20)


10/15/19 Celebrating OUT for Safe Schools and National Coming Out Day (Res-017-19/20)
09/24/19 Declaring LAUSD National Voter Registration & Mock Election Day (Res-016-19/20)
09/03/19 Celebrating Latino Heritage Month (Res-012-19/20)
05/28/19 Everyone Counts: Increasing Equity for All of Our AANHPI AMEMSA Students and Employees (Res-044-18/19)
05/21/19 Realizing the Continued Promise of Los Angeles Unified School District’s Foster Youth (Res-045-18/19)
04/23/19 Establishing Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee for Measure EE (Res-041-18/19)
04/23/19 Remembering and Honoring the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (Res-036-18/19)
04/23/19 Celebrating Our Hard-Working Classified Employees by Recognizing Classified School Employee Week 2019 (Res-023-18/19)
03/19/19 Demanding Action on DREAMs Deferred: Finding a Permanent Resolution for Undocumented Youth and Temporary Protected Status Beneficiaries (Res-029-18/19)
03/19/19 Celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (Res-022-18/19)
03/19/19 Building Healthier Communities and Lives for Californians through Investment in Community-Based Prevention (Res-021-18/19)
01/29/19 Exploration of a Moratorium on New LAUSD Charters by the State of California (Res-018-18/19)


07/10/18 Fulfilling Our Commitment to Raise Revenue for Increased School Funding- Failed (Res-053-17/18)
06/12/18 Increasing Supports for LGBTQ+ Students their Families and Schools (Res-048-17/18)
05/08/18 Advancing Equity in Our Tax System and Advocating for the Full and Fair Funding of Public Education (Res-045-17/18)
04/10/18 National Autism Awareness Month (Res-031-17/18)
01/16/18 Celebrating Black History Month (Res-024-17/18)
01/16/18 Creating a Birth to Eight Roadmap for Success in Los Angeles (Res-020-17/18)


09/12/17 Recognizing National Principals Awareness Month (Res-054-16/17)
09/12/17 National Disability Employment Awareness Month (Res-004-17/18)
09/12/17 Dyslexia Awareness Month (Res-003-17/18)
06/20/17 Expanding Career Ladder Options in LAUSD (Res-102-16/17)
06/20/17 Recognizing and Addressing the Educational Implications of Dyslexia in LAUSD Schools (Res-101-16/17)
04/18/17 Accountability and Transparency for Equity and Access at Charter Schools (Res-089-16/17)
04/18/17 Celebrating National Teacher and Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week 2017 (Res-074-16/17)
04/18/17 Recognition of April as Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (Res-073-16/17)
03/14/17 Autism Awareness Month Resolution (Res-067-16/17)
03/14/17 Increasing Communication and Strengthening Relationships between Schools and Parents (Res-054-16/17)
01/10/17 The Importance of Children’s Oral Health (Res-047-16/17)
01/10/17 Celebration of Black History Month (Res-046-16/17)


11/15/16 Recognition of December 2, 2016 as National Special Education Day (Res-038-16/17)
10/18/16 Promoting Healthy Habits and Reducing Food Waste through Analysis and Advocacy (Res-024-16/17)
09/20/16 Family Readiness Instructional Calendar (Res-011-16/17)
06/14/16 Fostering Academic Research and Analysis to Support Quality Public Education for All Students (Res-060-15/16)
06/14/16 Forward California: Children’s Education and Healthcare Protection Act of 2016 (Res-057-15/16)
04/12/16 Recognition of April as Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 Month (Res-038-15/16)
04/12/16 LAUSD Voter Registration and MyVote Student Mock Election Days (Res-034-15/16)
01/12/16 Creating a Collaborative to Focus on the Middle Grades (Res-018-15/16)