Arlene Irlando, Chief of Staff

Arlene Irlando is Board Member Schmerelson’s Chief of Staff.  In that role, she works with all BD 3 staff to support Board Member Schmerelson’s goals and initiatives, oversees operations and works in close liaison with District leadership.

A GED college applicant, Arlene left college in the seventies to work with the United Farm Workers Union, an experience that eventually led to law school and the practice of appellate, civil rights and immigration law.  Before working for BD 3, she served as COS for Board District 6 and as a committee consultant for the California State Senate.  Arlene’s history of activism and employment include civilian oversight of law enforcement, Regional Director of the 1990 Census, Chicano/Latino student and community organizing, and advocate and non-profit leader for folkloric and other community based performing arts.

Arlene received her B.A. from the University of Colorado and her J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She has been married for over 45 years, is the mother of five children, and the grandmother of many.  Arlene continues to be an avid fan of dance and theatre arts and believer in the power of arts education to transform the lives of all our children.