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May 2024

Board Update



Good afternoon Neighborhood Council Leaders! 

I’m Karla Silva, Board Vice President Schmerelson’s School and Community Coordinator. Let me begin by saying I appreciate your dedication to fostering unity within our schools and communities, and I’d like to express my gratitude for your valuable contributions. 

I’d like to share a few LAUSD updates from this previous quarter:


The LAUSD Board of Education’s Special Education Committee, led by Chairperson Mr. Schmerelson, met on March 6th, 2024.

You can learn more about what happened at the meeting including the agenda, materials, and livestream link, click here. Our next and final meeting will be on May 1, 2024 at 5:00 pm. For the agenda, materials, and livestream link, click here.

The LAUSD Board of Education’s Committee of the Whole, chaired by Mr. Schmerelson, met on February 20th, March 19th, and April 15th.  We learned more about the Progress of the Interventionist Model and updates on intervention programs, highlighting expanded support for middle school students; and another on an Overview of the Governor’s Proposed Budget, You can get the details by clicking here.



In March, nine LAUSD schools were recognized for promoting health and well-being, with Columbus ES highlighted for its efforts. The Civic Center Act requirements for organizations promoting youth activities were discussed, with fees under review. 


In April, the English Learner Program Overview was discussed, noting growth in Dual Language Education but falling short of district goals. LAUSD’s involvement in the California Newcomer Network, supporting international students and facilitating communication with consulates, was highlighted. For the agenda, materials, and livestream link, click here.



The LAUSD Board of Education convened on Tuesday, April 9th. During the meeting, Mr. Schmerelson introduced two significant resolutions. The first resolution designates April as Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month, alongside Arts Appreciation and Celebration Week within the district. This initiative aims to foster a vibrant artistic environment within LAUSD schools, encouraging students to showcase their talents in various mediums such as visual and performing arts, short stories, poetry, and media arts. Furthermore, it promotes participation in the District-wide Arts Festival at the LACC on April 27th, providing a platform for students to exhibit their creativity. 



The second resolution presented at the meeting focused on commemorating Down Syndrome Awareness Day, emphasizing the importance of dispelling misconceptions and fostering inclusive conversations about disabilities. It encourages active participation from the LAUSD community, urging individuals to demonstrate support online using the hashtag #WorldDownSyndromeDay. To learn more about our previous board meetings, please visit our website here: 



Now for some Board District 3 Updates

I want to take a minute to share with you how exciting watching the Academy Awards was this year, as all of us at LAUSD busted with pride when the documentary “The Last Repair Shop” about our own Musical Instrument Repair Shop won the award for Best Documentary Short Film! It was especially gratifying to me because advocating for arts education is essential, in my opinion, and this wonderful short movie made it clear. 

Our team has completed 101 out of 105 official school visits this school year.

In addition to our scheduled campus visits for educational purposes, we’ve been fortunate to engage in various events at different schools, each leaving a lasting impression. Notably, during Read Across America week, we had the privilege of visiting Justice St Elementary School, where we joined forces with the LA RAMS Team to read to the students, fostering a love for literature.


Additionally, we celebrated alongside Carpenter Elementary School during their Centennial Celebration, immersing ourselves in a vibrant dance party that traversed the eras of music, uniting the community in joyous celebration. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of attending Carpenter ES’s eclipse viewing party with Superintendent Carvahlo, witnessing a moment of scientific wonder together. 

Along with visiting schools, the Board District 3 Team also holds monthly meetings with high schoolers from each of our high schools; this group is called the BD3 Student Advisory Council.This year, we delved into the critical initiative of Green Schools For All, empowering our students to spearhead individualized greening projects tailored to their school environments. You can see the video of their last event here.




Each board member is allocated funding for bond projects as long as they qualify. For example, STEAM/science labs, lunch benches, classroom technology, marquee, etc.

As the funds stem directly from voter-backed bonds, Mr. Schmerelson has placed paramount importance on ensuring equitable distribution across all schools under his purview. Currently,I’m advancing the second wave of projects. To date, we’ve presented over 150 projects to the Board for their consideration and approval.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of these projects, please feel free to reach out or visit our website.



You can also visit the Helping Schools section of our website here, to see the videos of our school visits and investments in facilities improvements on a school-by-school basis.  

We’re thrilled by the strides being taken to upgrade our school facilities, ensuring our students have an optimal learning environment. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support in our endeavor to enhance our schools. I’d appreciate you sharing all these updates with your communities.



Karla Silva