Student Advisory Council met with District experts for their culminating project

    Board District 3 Student Advisory Council had an opportunity to engage several experts for their culminating Capstone Project. We thank the following experts for making the time to guide our students through the process.

    • Al Webb, Senior Director, Office of School Culture, Climate & Safety
    • Joel Cisneros, Director of School Mental Health
    • Martha Marquez, Field Coordinator for LDNE School Mental Health
    • Mr. Pedro A. Garcia, Senior Executive Director for P12 Instruction
    • Melissa Baldwin, Gender Studies and English Teacher at River City High School in West Sacramento
    • Francisca Gamez, Coordinator
    • Sharee Sanders-Gordon, Supervising Attorney for our Neighborhood School Safety Progra
    • Celina Porras,  Supervising Attorney for our Tobacco Enforcement Program
    • Dr. Judy Chiasson, Office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity
    • Chief Leslie Ramirez, LASPD
    • Ed Peisner, Founder of Organization for Social Media Safety