Learn all about how to lease a school facility

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Did you know that parent and community groups can lease school facilities during non school hours for events and activities?

Over the last few years I have been holding meetings for parents and community members who are interested in doing this, but found the process overwhelming. Through my advocacy over the years and the hard work of our District staff, the process has been improving with the helpful feedback we have received.  Now, not only have we moved to an online system, but we remain committed to continue helping users understand how it works and learning from their feedback.

Now I want to share the videos and materials shared during the webinar with you, in the event this may be of interest to you, now or in the future.  I hope they are.

You can view the presentation here

Here’s the Spanish version

For the application database, click here.

On this page you can find a searchable data base of all filed applications which includes the status of each application.

You can reach the Risk Management office of our Facilities Division at riskfinance@lausd.net or by calling 213-241-0329 or via email: facilities-use@lausd.net