Introducing two Resolutions: Climate Literacy and Declaring February as Children’s Oral Health Month

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This month Board Member Schmerelson will be introducing two resolutions to the Board of Education for their consideration. They will be heard for the first time at the Board Meeting on January 25th at 1 p.m and will be up for a vote by the full Board at its meeting on February 8th, at 1 pm.

Climate Literacy

With the years of natural disasters and severe environmental changes that we have already experienced, we are now facing a climate emergency. In order to see change, student leaders and educators must raise awareness and develop an action plan in our classrooms and our local communities.

Board Member Schmerelson authored this resolution to create a task force that will streamline and expand resources, as well as explore funding opportunities for a comprehensive climate literacy program that provides the necessary understanding about climate change and the necessary skills to help our students and educators become the leaders we need to protect our planet.

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Celebrating February as Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month. In order to raise awareness of the importance of oral health, Dr. McKenna and I, have introduced a resolution to highlight the value of dental screenings. It is well documented that oral health screenings are a window into signaling the status of our physical health, be it good or bad. Oral health screenings for our youngest learners allows us to provide families a pathway to be proactive advocates for their children’s health. I hope you will take the opportunity to make an appointment for your child to visit a dentist or get an oral screening in the month of February and beyond.

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