Here’s what happened at the Special Education Committee on 1/10/2024

The Committee on Special Education met on January, 10 2024, starting at 5 pm. You can view the whole video here.


  • We heard presentations from Ms. Martha Alvarez, Chief of Legislative Affairs and Government Relations regarding LAUSD’s advocacy efforts, specifically regarding special education bills.
    • AB 87 would allow parents to record Section 504 meetings in addition to IEP meetings.
    • SB 114 – The dyslexia screening bill will be for students k-2nd grade, it also appoints a panel of experts to discuss best practices going forward
    • Dignity for All Act, a bill that would eliminate outdated language in state documents
    • The Public Postsecondary Education: students with disabilities: Inclusive College Programs Bill, which pushes public universities in the state to establish and expand programs for students with disabilities
  • We learned that IDEA funding for special education programs is set at $1.327 billion for California, but if the federal government gave what they committed, it would be $3.3 billion (40% of IDEA funding).
  • Family Academy will take place on January 24 – federal government and congressional advocacy will be the topic
  • Please reach out to your state and federal representatives and talk to them on why these programs deserve more funding. 
  • The second presentation was on Transportation Services for Students with Disabilities by the Director of Transportation, Mr. Daniel Kang, and Transport Services Manager, Mr. David Mendoza
    • They shared with us the importance of student confidentiality and safety measures that bus drivers take when transporting students with disabilities to and from school.
    • What bus drivers can and cannot do, and how parents and guardians can help bus drivers through communication to provide a better experience for their children
    • Safety for students allows bus drivers to also be informed. This means drivers know student needs, observe for safety issues, and have discussions with parents.
    • The IEP is the guide for bus drivers, and it must be explicitly stated that a student needs assistance before the driver physically helps the student.
    • Bus drivers are not allowed to administer medication and parents must coordinate with the school nurse. In case of emergency, drivers must call paramedics for assistance in medicinal needs.
    • Parents can request transportation through the parent portal app, and if there is space on the bus, transit can take the student to their school.


Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 5 p.m.