Here’s what happened at the meeting of the Board of Education on 6/18/24

The Board of Education met on 6/18/24 starting at 1 pm.   You can view the Agenda, the meeting materials, and the video of the entire meeting here.

These are a few important items that were approved during the meeting:

  • TechRefresh: Equipping Tomorrow’s Minds Project $116M:  This initiative aims to replace outdated and unmanaged computing devices across all District schools, enhancing security and standardizing technology.
  • Resolution Supporting Student Mental Health and Learning by Ensuring a Phone-Free School Day (Melvoin) was approved. Board Member Schmerelson voted no.  Watch video here.
  • Resolution LAUSD Student ID for All Students (Goldberg)  which resolved that all students in Los Angeles Unified School District, including those attending District-approved District-authorized independent charter schools, shall be assigning same to District-approved authorized independent charter school students during the 2024-25 school year. Board Member Schmerelson voted Yes.
  • Resolution Modern Budget Transparency for Student Achievement (Ortiz Franklin) which calls on the district to provide a primary resource for the community that is clear, comprehensive, detailed, language-accessible, and AI-powered; incorporates community input from LCAP parent groups, community partners, labor partners, and board offices and must connect to student outcomes, describing specific investments and how they impact school performance by October 2025. Board Member Schmerelson voted Yes.
  •  Annual Report of the Los Angeles Unified School District Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act  (items 13 and I4).  Board Member Schmerelson voted no. Watch video here.