Here’s what happened at the Committee of the Whole on 10/24/23

At this meeting, the Board discussed the following two issues:

The first was on the Community Schools Initiative.  You can find the presentation here on page 3, and you can watch this part of the meeting starting here.

Presentation by: Dr. Sylvia Rousseau, Dr. Frances Baez, Cora Watkins and Barbara Avilez

  • Currently 55 community schools but only 2 in BD3. Focus is on equity because schools don’t represent equality. 
  • Majority of the studies around Community Schools show that community schools that were effective saw an increase in grade progression, high school graduation rates, and improved academic performance as well as reduction in absenteeism. 
  • In partnership with UTLA, the District helped fill student needs through culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy and climate while recognizing the challenges students face through traditional education.
  • 4x4x4x4 model focuses on supportive learning environments with the community, productive instructional strategies that support motivation, social emotional learning, and healthy development to overcome barriers.
  • Carlos Santa Community S – over 100 students received reading glasses through Vision to Learn, establishing partnerships with LA Food Bank providing hundreds of boxes of food to families in need, DACE, CSUN for workshops, and is now recognized as one of the healthiest schools in America.
  • The district is aware that there is not an equitable distribution of community schools across districts with the Department of Instruction hoping more BD3 schools apply to the program.

The second item was a presentation and discussion regarding the Black Student Achievement Plan (or BSAP).  You can find the presentation here. and you can watch this part of the meeting starting here.

Presentation by Dr. Robert Whitman Dr. Travis Brandy

  • BSAP Program was expanded this year by $26m to assist in social emotional learning, positive cultural identity, and high academic performance. A total of 400 students participating in a Historically Black College and University event at Valley College.
  • RAND/USC report: Regional directors that oversee BSAP schools have dedicated more time and adequate resources due to the low volume of schools, according to RAND/USC study.
  • A Black Student Advisory is being developed district-wide in order to get students involved and listen to their voices. 
  • Academic progress has mostly happened in Kindergarten and Grade 1 at elementary schools but middle school numeracy scores are slightly down with chronic absenteeism also down 33.7%
  • District needs to hire more community representatives and pupil services counselors to assist with BSAP.

To watch the entire meeting you can go here.