Here’s what happened at the Committee of the Whole meeting on 4/16/24

Agenda Materials  Video 

What the Committee Learned

Transportation for All Plan 2024-25 and Beyond

  • Student ridership over the last six years : 19,000-20,000 ridership prepandemic but increasing post-pandemic with current numbers at 15,000.
  • Ridership increased by 15% (2,000 students) for the 2023-24 school year to 15,000, but the goal was 28,000.
  • User Feedback says reasons for not using school transit is convenience and wanting like Uber Lyft.
  • Now A poster with QR code is available for parents to request transportation services.
  • The district will invite all students to sign up for transportation, and then the buses will be routed based on student numbers (whether they are non-sped, non-magnet, or other). 
  • Where is my Bus?  App is already available with minute-by-minute tracking.
  • To help parents sign up schools are being equipped with toolkits for parents who do not regularly use parent portal or are not technologically savvy. 

English Learner Program Overview

  • Majority of students in Dual Language Education are in primary school.
  • There has been growth from TK-12 grade by 6.7%, missing district goals by 3%.
  • Dashboard English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPIE) is available publicly on the California Department of Education website.
  • International Newcomer Strategy aims to enhance all academic proficiencies such as English, math, science, etc.
  •  97 languages are spoken in LAUSD including K’iche and Zapoteco, indigenous languages in Guatemala and Mexico.
  • LAUSD is part of the California Newcomer Network (CANN), a statewide initiative to help international students.
  • LAUSD works with consulates to provide feedback regarding the services provided to students of their respective countries and languages.


Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 9 a.m.