Here’s what happened at the Committee of the Whole meeting on 2/20/24

You can see the agenda here, the materials here, the materials regarding the Budget here and the video of the meeting here.


Progress on the Interventionist Model and Intervention Program Updates

  • All students have access to on-demand online homework help 
  • Community partners may include LA County Public Library, Feria Internacional del Libro, LA Book Festival, and online services/resources
  • Tier 1- support is for the entire class with more individual-based online support with everyone having access to these resources through sites such as and
  • Tier 2- support is for students that need more support, may be in-person pullout support
  • Tier 3- support is for students with the most need; tutoring will be in-person, online, pullout support, in-class individual support, and home visit support
  • Interventionists – trained through a guide (Scarborough’s Reading Rope) given by the district on the science of reading, focusing on language comprehension and word recognition
  • Intervention support has been expanded into middle school this year
  • Preliminary findings from early 2024 to mid 2024 – diversification improves outcomes, students are moving up 3 reading levels relatively quickly

Overview of Governor’s Proposed State Budget – Here are a few notes from the meeting, you can view the video of that part of the meeting here.  It’s important to note that the budget is constantly being revised.

  • Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) is recommending the rejection of the electrification of bus grants for schools
  • ELOP gets $4 billion from the state but would need to be monitored to see what the state does
  • LAO is recommending everything be on the table for cuts/reductions
  • If school is closed for more than five days due to catastrophic event (such as flooding and fires), districts would need to ensure continuity of instruction
  • The district has issued no RIF notices to staff and is not currently being considered for future budget balance solutions 
  • SENI increased $280m and is now $700m
  • Schools will get 30% of their carryover in program codes: general fund school program and SENI
  • The remaining 70% carryover would be held in reserves until the state and federal budget clarity


Tuesday, March 20, 2024, at 9 a.m.

Committee of the Whole meetings provide the Board an opportunity to receive presentations on critical issues facing LAUSD.  They are designed to allow public comment and extensive discussion on items that will be submitted for the Board for action.