Here’s what happened at the Board of Education meetings on 6/25/24

There were two open meetings on 6/25/24.  The first meeting started at 11 am and focused on Student Safety.  You can find the Agenda here, the meeting materials here and the video of the meeting here.

The second meeting started at 2:45.  You can find the Agenda here, the materials here and the video for the meeting here.

Resolution to Endorse the Campaign for a Healthy and Safe California and Protect the LAUSD Community from the Health Impacts of Oil Wells (Goldberg) endorsing the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California to keep SB1137 health and safety setback legislation joining public health leaders, environmental justice groups, community and faith leaders, and youth to stand up to Big Oil and make sure that no Californians have to endure health hazards from living just steps away from dangerous oil wells.

Supporting Student First Amendment Rights on School Campuses (Student Board Member Ramirez) – reaffirming its support for the civil liberties of students, encouraging shools to continue teaching courses such as AP United States History, AP US Government and Politics, and Constitutional Law within their classrooms. Furthermore, schools are urged to actively promote increased student participation in initiatives such as the attainment of the State Seal of Civic Engagement; requesting all schools within the District to persistently promote and prominently display the LAUSD Student Bill of Rights and calls upon all educational institutions to safeguard the civil liberties of their students and to promote the exercise of these liberties.