Here’s what happened at the 2/13/24 meeting of the Board of Education

You can see the agenda here, the materials here, the materials regarding the revised Colocation Policy here, LCAP Budget here and the video of the meeting here.

The following improvements for Board District Schools were approved:

  • Northridge Academy HS will get CCTV cameras ($68,185)
  • Pearl Journalism/Communications Magnet HS will get tech and furniture for digital art classrooms ($141,375)

The Proposition 39 Charter Schools Co-Location Policy was approved.  You can see the discussion starting here.

I sponsored the Read Across America Week Resolution which states that:

  • the Governing Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District Commemorates Read Across America Week during the week starting March 2 to March 6, 2023,
  • LAUSD  encourages teachers, staff, students, and parents, to establish or reestablish their connections to their favorite pieces of literature,
  • LAUSD encourages everyone, including parents, to also be involved in reading, and suggests parent centers to also talk to parents about the importance of reading to their children starting at young ages;
  • LAUSD  encourages schools to host appropriate events at their sites during Read Across America Week, with displays, readings from teachers and parents, or other creative ways to enhance students’ love for reading;
  • LAUSD reaffirms its commitment to the current timeline that by 2026, 3rd-grade students will be 30 points closer to proficiency in English Language Arts while helping students in grades 3-8 and 11th closer to proficiency; and,
  • LAUSD wishes every member of the Los Angeles Unified Community happy reading during our celebration.

Here’s my quote:Read Across America Week is more than just a celebration of books, it is also an opportunity to encourage students who don’t like to read to start reading. We should always take the time to value literature as it can open students’ minds to differing perspectives, push their imaginations, and even teach them something new about themselves.

I co-sponsored the resolution Celebration of Black History Month 2024 with Dr. McKenna.  The resolution will states that

  • the Board acknowledges that all people of the United States are beneficiaries of the wealth of history given to all by Black Culture, Black Inventors, Black Artists, Black Artisans, Black Advocacy Black Leaders, and Black Civic Engagement,
  • that the study of Black History and Black Arts will be embedded into the core curriculum of its Ethnic Studies, African American History courses, and African American Literature so that this critical learning lives in the minds of our students beyond the month of February,
  • the Superintendent will  expand upon the District’s existing efforts, such as the Black Student Achievement Plan, to continue to identify strategies and tactics to align resources targeted toward promoting anti-racist educational practices and closing the gap of academic achievement outcomes for Black Students, and
  • the Superintendent will work with educators, librarians, all the schools of the District, and our wider community to recognize and celebrate this month with culturally relevant and appropriate curriculum, programs, ceremonies, and activities that generate in-depth discussion of the complex factual history of the United States and the legacy of Black Americans, including the arts.

Here’s my quote: “We should never shy away from telling students about the lives of powerful and influential African-Americans who have shaped our country. Let Black History Month not just be a celebration of how far we have come but also an acknowledgment of the work we have to do to help elevate our black students and families through equitable policies and practices.