Here’s what happened at the 1/30/24 meeting of the Committee of the Whole

You can see the agenda here, the materials regarding the Co-locations Policy here, the materials regarding the Budget here and the video of the meeting here.

Charter Co-Location Policy

  • Matching guidelines – aligns with the law, analyzes impacts on public schools, and is meant to serve to minimize impacts of the law
  • Policy claims to help the most fragile students and schools, considers BSAP, priority, and community schools
  • New co-locations must submit a facilities request for a particular fiscal year when not already at a co-location site
  • Preserves the district’s programmatic support spaces such as music rooms, robotics labs, maker spaces, computer labs, etc.
  • Charters are entitled to two spaces: exclusive use space and shared use space
  • Exclusive space: Districts consider what is permitted by law and what is essential to the host school. Essential spaces will not be offered as exclusive-use spaces to the charter.
  • Shared use: District will have the flexibility to use these spaces
  • Offer charter a shared space by current rules
  • Ex: district will determine if space is essential (such as a music room) – if space is essential, district can deny that space
  • Additional options may offer agreements by both parties (alternative agreements)
  • Region offices will reach support with training and enhance communication to entire communities before decisions are made
  • Alternative agreements: Board member or superintendent may object to alternative agreements 
  • Monitoring and enforcement of charter school facilities cost and over-allocated space reimbursements 
  • All charter schools are up to date on their reimbursements

Budget Update

  • Info is from January 10 budget
  • $38b budget shortfall with a reduced COLA at .76%
  • Prop 98 guaranteed 109.1b, a decrease of $11.3b over the last 3 years
  • UTK is expanding by $330m and $220m to fund a 12:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Arts and Music gets $931m
  • Special education remains relatively the same
  • $2.6b deficit by the 26-27 school year
  • Budget talks are still ongoing in the Capitol 


Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 9 a.m.

Committee of the Whole meetings provide the Board an opportunity to receive presentations on critical issues facing LAUSD.  They are designed to allow public comment and extensive discussion on items that will be submitted for the Board for action.