Get to know the BD3 Advisory Council!

Juan is a student at Owensmouth Continuation High. This is his first year becoming a part of the Student Advisory Council. He became rather intrigued with the opportunity to meet new people from different schools and become open minded. He really enjoys dancing, skating, seeing JDM cars, and solving the Rubik’s cube. He hopes to take on becoming a professional dancer and videographer in the near future. He is a current shift manager at Del Taco, born and raised humbly in California with proud Mexican roots.

Brianna is a senior at Northridge Academy High School. She joined the Student Advisory this year, in 2021 , because she is passionate on school issues and making sure the district provides a happy and safe environment for children. Brianna really enjoys helping her community and plans to become a forensic scientist .At Northridge academy she is apart of the Exploring languages Club, Latinos Unidos, Art Club, Key Club, Speech and Debate, Link Crew, CSF and apart of her Academic Decathlon team. Born into a hard working Mexican family, Brianna will be first generation to graduate high school and go to college.

Ava is a junior at Van Nuys High School in the Medical Magnet Program. This will be her first year on the Student Advisory Council. She is passionate about finding ways to provide equitable access to education for all students and is excited to learn how to support the students in her school distinct through policy decisions. While she loves science and is planning on majoring in Neuroscience in college, she also hopes to pursue a minor in public policy and is looking forward to the experience she will gain. Ava loves to cook and dance (she is even a member of her schools dance company). She also routinely participates in a Facebook live show in-which she helps people all over the world learn English.

Rohan is a freshman at North Hollywood High School. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. He learned about the opportunity from his school's ASB chapter, and decided to apply because he wanted government and leadership experience during his freshman year. Rohan is a founding member of his school's AP World History Club, and is interested in pursuing a career in writing or politics. He enjoys volunteering for Nithya Raman's Volunteer Corps, reading, and seeing friends.

Celine is a senior at Cleveland Charter High School and has joined the Student Advisory Council this year to pursue her passion for education and community. With her eagerness to learn and challenge herself, she strives to be a self-starter and well-rounded individual. Celine currently serves as Cleveland's ASB President and has learned about the workings of her school by collaborating with devoted students, parents, and teachers to create a more inclusive and engaging learning environment. She also serves on the LAUSD Superintendent's Student Advisory Council and in her free time she enjoys reading and journaling.

Cameron is a senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. This is his first year on Student Advisory Council. After being recommended about this program by a returning member of SAC, he decided that this program could be very beneficial to him and will show in his daily life, work habits, leadership skills, and community building skills as well. Cameron is the ASB President for the class of 2022 at his school and will appreciate all the skills and knowledge that will be discussed at Student Advisory Council while also implementing it in his daily life along with school. Cameron loves bringing communities closer together and creating relations with one another.

Sarah Georgie is a senior in the Medical Magnet program at John F Kennedy High School. This is her first year being a part of the Student Advisory Council. After learning about SAC from her ASB teacher, she decided to apply as it would provide her the opportunity to address policies and and make an impact within her school district. Throughout high school, Sarah has participated and obtained leadership roles in multiple community based organizations including Relay for Life and the Mayors Youth Council. In her free time, she enjoys partaking in her hobbies including dancing and reading. Sarah hopes to one day peruse a career in medicine.

Julia is a senior at Canoga Park High School. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. After discovering the opportunity from one of her teachers, she decided to apply because she was interested in learning about the policy decisions in her school district. Julia is currently ASB President, where she hopes the SAC will help her bridge Canoga Park High School to the issues our Board of Education explores. She is also an active member of her school's Latinos Unidos Club and Co-Secretary of her senior class.

Sumeet is a senior attending North Hollywood High School's Highly Gifted Magnet Program. He has served a term on the Mayor's Youth Council, which inspired his passion for being active in public policy. This is Sumeet's first year on the Student Advisory Council, where he is eager to network and collaborate with his peers in order to discuss solutions to issues he is passionate about, which range from dropout rates to inequities in access to educational resources. At North Hollywood High School, Sumeet is the captain of the Model United Nations Team and plays on the Basketball team as well. In his free time, he enjoys watching the Seahawks and Lakers, volunteering at the Gurdwara, or playing at the park. He hopes to major in computer science and economics, and pursue a career as an actuary.

Liza is a senior at the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences high school. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. After hearing about this opportunity from her teachers, Liza decided to apply in order to work closely with the district and learn more about leadership while meeting new people. In her school, Liza is an Advisory Class President. In her free time, she likes to read, and hang out with friends and family. Liza wants to pursue a career in the medical field, and is looking forward for her graduation this coming year.

Corey is a senior at Chatsworth Charter High School. This is his first year in the Student Advisory Council as he heard the opportunity from his Vice Principal. He decided to apply in order to interact with other schools as well as learn more about the decision making that goes around the district. He is a part of the Chatsworth Student Site Council and hopes to gain further insight for his peers and incoming high schoolers. He has played in the Chatsworth Baseball Team and now plays for the Chatsworth Volleyball Team. He is a member of the garden club, history club, and the senior class steering committee.

Abigail is a student at Van Nuys High School. She joined the Student Advisory Council for the first time this year because she was interested in the instructional, operational, and policy issues within her own board district. At school, Abigail is the president of the Class of 2023 Board, VNHS I Too Can STEM Chapter, VNHS Mu Alpha Theta Chapter, and the vice president of the VNHS Dance Program Board. Outside of school, she is the founder and executive director of I Too Can STEM, an organization of high school change-makers who work to increase access to STEM education in low-income communities for historically under-represented demographics in STEM, such as women and students of color. She also serves on the LAUSD Superintendent Advisory Board and the Los Angeles Mayor's Youth Council. In her free time, she enjoys choreographing dances and spending time with her dog.

Valeria is a senior at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School. This is her third year on the Student Advisory Council. She looks forward to attending SAC meetings in person again and having the opportunity to speak and hear from district leaders. She is heavily involved in her school community as ASB Vice President and News Magazine Editor-in-Chief for her school's news magazine and website, The Pearl Post. In 2019, she was awarded the Gwen Ifill Student of the Year award by the News Literacy Project.

Isabella Martinez is currently a senior at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. She is Student Body President as well as the Spirit Captain of her varsity cheer team. She is eager to meet new people and try to make a difference in her community. She also works a part-time job at Starbucks and loves to adventure outdoors and go camping with her family whenever she gets a chance. She plans on going to school and becoming an elementary teacher after she graduates, so she is very excited about this opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of how the schools are run.

Alessandra is a senior at Canoga Park Senior High School. She learned about this opportunity to join SAC from her ASB teacher and rejoined for her second year of being on the council. She joined SAC to help improve her school and leadership class by learning what other students do for their schools. At Canoga Park High School she is a honor student athlete and does after school tutoring for younger students. Her whole life only knows Canoga Park and loves to be an active member of her community.

Yana is a junior at Lake Balboa College Preparatory. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. She heard about the Student Advisory Council through her teachers and wanted to get involved to learn more about LAUSD and the community. She currently serves as the Associate Student Body Vice-President of her school and is the Co-Captain of the girls varsity volleyball team. Yana also takes part in the school's Young Scholars club, the Armenian Awareness club, and the Local School Leadership Council. Yana plans on majoring in Political Science and doing her part in helping the community with legal issues. In her free time Yana enjoys reading, playing the piano, and spending time with her family/friends.

Marwa Mulk is a first-generation Afghan-American junior at Lake Balboa College Prep. She currently serves as her Class President and is an active member of the Debate, Academic Decathlon, and Varsity Volleyball teams. Marwa routinely interns at the Westminster Free Clinic as a student nurse and is also part of the Winnetka Council. In her free time, Marwa enjoys baking various desserts and reading a good book. Marwa is dedicated to serving her community by encouraging civic engagement for youth and believes it is her responsibilty to help serve her community.

Dylan is a sophomore at in the Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies at Ulysses S. Grant High School. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council and is looking forward to collaborating with his peers. Dylan applied to Student Advisory Council to have a positive impact on his school community. He is a member of the boys' volleyball team at Grant HS and California Scholastic Federation. Dylan is a world traveller who has visited fifteen countries so far. His favorite cities are Paris, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles.

Jacob is a junior at Cleveland High School. He joined the Student Advisory Council this fall after seeing a flyer in a mass email, seeking to learn more about public service and the district. Jacob participates in a handful of clubs at Cleveland, including Model UN, Debate, and YDSA, but most of all he loves talking to his peers about the challenges facing them as young people. In his free time, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and playing tennis, and wants to enter politics or a related career in the future.

Cassandra is a senior at Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council. Cassandra decided to apply this year because she is very passionate about sharing her opinions. She is looking forward to being more involved with her school's community and getting a closer view of how decisions are made within LAUSD. Cassandra is very active in her school’s clubs and is a part of the Spirit Squad. In her free time, she loves to be a leader in a Younglife organization to help middle schoolers with daily hardships. She hopes to pursue a career in the medical field.

Zoey is a sophomore at Cleveland High School in the CORE Humanities Magnet program. This is their first year on the Student Advisory Council. After hearing about this opportunity from one of their teachers, they decided to apply because they were interested in learning how the district makes important decisions. Zoey is on the soccer and debate team and hopes to one day be a lawyer. In their free time, they created and run a website for LGBTQIA+ youth called I.U.Y. (I understand you) and spends time with friends and family.


Laney Seligson is a junior at Chatsworth Charter High School. This is going to be her second year on the Student Advisory Council and her favorite part of SAC is the many different topics that are discussed at meetings. Laney is the president of Key Club at her school and is also involved in many other school clubs/activities.

Stephanie is a senior at North Hollywood High School. This is her first year on the Student Advisory Council, and she applied because of her interest in how policy is made/changed and meeting new people. She is a part of her school’s varsity tennis team, dance team, as well as ASB class, where she is the Chair of Clubs. During her free time, Stephanie enjoys baking, reading, and playing guitar.

Jaden Stewart is a senior attending the North Hollywood High School Highly Gifted Magnet in Los Angeles, CA. An exemplary public speaker, Jaden is a Captain of his school’s Speech and Debate Team and a Delegate on the Model United Nations Team. He also serves as the President of the Christian Student Union. He is extremely passionate about leadership and service, and believes it is the responsibility of the education system to inspire its students to take action and make a change in the world for the better. Jaden began his involvement in education advocacy through his appointments on the LAUSD District 3 Student Advisory Council with Board Member Schmerelson, and Eric Garcetti’s Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Council. He was also one of three finalists to serve as the Student Board Member for the California State Board of Education and the runner-up for the LAUSD Student Board Member Position. Noticing the lack of civic education in the public school system, Jaden spearheaded the introduction of the Resolution to Implement the California State Seal of Civic Engagement in LAUSD, which was passed unanimously by the LAUSD Board in April 2021. He now Chairs the LAUSD Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council Civic Engagement Committee, working with district staff, students, and other community stakeholders to advocate for a more robust civic education. Additionally, as the inaugural LAUSD Student Empowerment Unit Student Spokesperson, Jaden has the privilege of representing students and advocating for student voice across LAUSD. Jaden is thankful for the opportunities he has had to impact the lives of students throughout LAUSD and across California, and hopes to continue to help and inspire students in these roles and beyond.

Richard is currently a junior at Chatsworth Charter High School. He decided that he wanted to apply to the Student Advisory Council after being recommended by his Assistant Principal because of his eagerness in helping his school. Richard, who is the Student Body Vice President in his school, hopes that with the help of his position in the Student Advisory Council, he would be able to share more ideas and give better opportunities for the students at his school. Richard hopes that in the future, his leadership skills will be put into use in the medical field. During his free time, Richard really enjoys hanging out with friends and playing the guitar.