Get to know Lori Sternstein, our BD3 Hero from Chatsworth Park Urban Planning Magnet

Lori’s decision to leave her career as a Certified Public Accountant to become an Office Tech at Chatsworth Park Magnet was easy for Lori, because all she wanted was a job with the same calendar as her children’s calendar.   But most importantly, Lori found a home at the school, first as a parent who was active all the years that her children attended the school, eventually becoming the PTA President. And her commitment didn’t end at the school, she was also a Girl Scout leader and was always very active in the community. She has tirelessly dedicated her heart and soul to our school and families over the past 30 years.

Lori loves her work at the school. In addition to being the Office Tech, she is also the Homeless Coordinator and the liaison for Foster students.  She loves that part of her work, attending meetings where she learns about all the amazing resources the District has to offer. She considers working with the Homeless Education Office a true blessing.  

The children are the favorite part of her job.  She realized this during the pandemic when the school felt like a ghost town.  “There was no laughter, no nothing, it really affected me emotionally, she says.  “Because a school is like a family, we take care of each other.”  Naturally, the pandemic was her least favorite moment, she was so glad when the students came back, even if she could see the toll that the time away had taken on them, especially when it comes to attendance.

Everyone loves Lori. She is considered one of the most hard working employees ever. Some say, “basically, the school wouldn’t function without her. She is the ‘go-to’ for any and every question or need people have. She epitomizes the ‘Chatsworth Park UPM hero’.