Family and Community Engagement Committee met on Thursday December 9, 2021

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The Family and Community Engagement Committee reconvened on December 9th, 2021 and learned the following from staff presentations:

School-Based Parent Positions:

After the Personnel Commission staff shared a presentation regarding the various District parent support positions, the Committee heard from Community Representatives and Committee members about the importance of appropriately structuring and funding these positions in order to improve parent engagement, especially in middle schools. Several key issues were discussed such as the importance of having parent centers, the need to identify funds for incentives/miscellaneous costs and the need to begin supporting parent engagement in the early years.

Division of Adult & Career Education (DACE):

DACE operates programs in 10 campuses and approximately 150 satellite locations, across the city. Currently, around 45,000 students are enrolled in LA Unified’s Adult Education programs, which is 15% higher than last school year but is still lower than the enrollment before the pandemic.  DACE estimates that 25-30% of its students are LAUSD parents as well.

DACE offers career technical education pathways in 15 different sectors, and all programs are tuition free. To learn more, click here. In partnership with other District divisions, DACE is committed to finding new ways of leveraging adult education as a support for families. For instance, this spring, DACE will be piloting two new programs: the Family Leadership Academies and the Equity Partner Program, as well as a “Spanish for the Workplace” course. To learn more, about the Spanish program, click here.

Student outreach navigators are available to help prospective students explore offerings and sign-up for courses. Find their contact information here.

To listen to the recording of the meeting and access the accompanying materials, click here. At the 20 minute mark you can hear directly from two community representatives about the work that they do and impact they are having in their school communities.

Please share your topics suggestions for future committee meetings, here.