Family and Community Engagement Committee meets for the first time this school year on 10/14/21

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It was a pleasure to meet with the other members of the Family and Community Engagement Committee last week.  To watch the recording of the meeting in English, use this link, for the Spanish recording use this link.

Here’s a short report of what was shared:

1) There’s still time to influence the LAUSD Redistricting process before the Commission votes on a final map recommendation. You can access the Commission’s proposed boundaries here. Have thoughts, ideas, or concerns about the draft maps? You can register your public comment by emailing or completing this form.
2) The search for LAUSD’s next Superintendent is ongoing. 28,569 stakeholders completed the Superintendent Search Survey. Findings from the survey and other community outreach efforts will be released to the public shortly. Interested persons have until 5 PM on Friday, November 5, to apply. The application and further details about the timeline for selecting the District’s new Superintendent, can be found here.
3) LAUSD began developing a mobile application in 2017. A parent/guardian version of the app was launched in 2018, and two updates have been released since. Parents/guardians can access bus routes, menus, student assignments/test scores, and more. Student and employee versions will be launched in the coming months. To learn more about the mobile app, visit this page.