At today’s Board Meeting (8/30/22)

At today’s Board meeting at 1 pm. (which you can watch by clicking here at that time),

  • Our youngest Board Member, Nate Shin, who will be representing the students of the District, will be sworn in.  Nate is a senior at North Hollywood High School in Board District 3.  You can also get to know him in this mini-podcast he did with me.
  • The Board will be considering the purchase of 30 electric school buses which will replace the oldest diesel buses in the District’s fleet, raising the fleet of electric buses to 71.  These buses emit zero emissions and are equipped with the latest safety features.
  • The Board will be considering a contract to provide various vegan products for the District’s student meal programs. (I know how many students have long awaited this!)
  • The Board will be considering a resolution I’m co-authoring with Board Members Goldberg and McKenna which will declare the month of September as the Child Welfare and Attendance Month and the last Tuesday of September as the Pupil Services and Attendance Counselors Day.
  • Also, here’s a list of the facilities improvements in Board District 3 that will be considered for approval.

For the full agenda of the 1 pm meeting, click here.