Here’s what happened at the Board of Education meeting on 3/12/24

The Board of Education met on March 12, 2024 starting 1 pm.  You can see the agenda here, the materials  in English and the video of the meeting.

  • During the presentation on the Budget I had the opportunity to ask questions about an important issue relating to how we might be able to fund the continuing electrification of our bus fleet, which is an important part of the District’s commitment to address climate change.  You can see the discussion here.
  • Here is the list of improvements to BD3 schools approved by the Board:
    • Germain Academy for Academic Achievement ($18,429,579)
      • Replaces 146,000 square feet of paving in main and kindergarten playgrounds and lunch areas
      • Hardscape upgrades to solar reflective coating, replacing playground equipment
      • Greening improvements, fence installation, painting, etc
    • Hart ES ($11,157,825)
      • Replaces 96,000 square feet of paving in main and kindergarten playground 
      • Hardscape upgrades includes of solar reflective coating
      • Greening improvements, new fence, paint, etc. 
  • I authored and co-sponsored the LAUSD Art Appreciation and Celebration Week Resolution with my colleagues Dr. McKenna and Dr. Rivas.  You can watch the video of when the resolution was considered here and you can read the text here. “Arts education is crucial now more than ever as we know that it not only allows for student creativity but can also assist in social-emotional learning. The arts are deeply embedded into the history of Los
    Angeles, and our students are the future of this important industry. However, we must go further by openly celebrating and supporting them as they follow their goals in film, art, dance, or any other artistic medium.”
  • I also authored and co-sponsored the Observing March 21 as Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  You can watch the video of when the resolution was considered here and read the text of the resolution here.  “I am honored to unite with millions around the world for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. LAUSD is committed to making all environments inclusive while tending to the needs of all students regardless of disability. However, acknowledgments like Down Syndrome Awareness Day are also about accountability, pushing us to do better to create positive change through education.”