Meet Chetan Singh

“Last Wednesday (03/13/24) afternoon near the end of the day, a student approached a teacher in distress, motioning for assistance.  This teacher, recognizing the student was choking, displayed great composure and quick thinking, administering the Heimlich maneuver, dislodging a piece of hard candy that blocked the airway, averting a potentially life-threatening situation. For this, I would like to recognize we have a genuine hero in our midst Mr. Chetan Singh.  Were it not for Chetan’s swift and decisive action, we could have had a tragedy on our campus.  Behind Chetan’s easygoing, pleasant exterior beats the heart of a HERO.  I hope that each one of us beats that same heart of a HERO and we would do the same if placed in a similar situation.”

Submitted by Henry Song, Principal Hale Charter Academy