This year, I am chairing the Special Education Committee of the Board of Education.

The purpose of the Special Education Committee is to inform parents, the school community, and others about the Los Angeles Unified Special Education Local Planning Area’s (SELPA’s) work on behalf of students with disabilities (which includes Independent Charter Schools that belong to the LAUSD SELPA).

Special Education Committee met on May 3, 2023


Committee Members

Mr. Scott M. Schmerelson, Chairperson

Ms. Jackie Goldberg, Board Member

Dr. George J. McKenna, III, Board Member

District Members

Deneen Cox, Deputy General Counsel

Alesha Haase, Special Education Administrator

External Representatives

Lisa Bennett, UTLA

Marc Bowman, Board District 5 Parent

Pam Cohen, Decoding Dyslexia CA

Dr. Amy N. Hanreddy, California State University Northridge

Charity F. Johnson, Board District 7 Parent

Nataly Martinez Juares, Student Representative, Van Nuys High School

Gavin Mirigliani-AALA

John Perron, CAC Representative

Carl Petersen, Board District 3 Parent

Jolan Smith, California State University Long Beach

Kelly Bedford, Board District 1, Community Member

When: Meetings will take place the 1st Wed of every other month.

·       September 7, 2022

·       November 2, 2022

·       January 11, 2023

·       March 1, 2023

·       May 3, 2023

Time: 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Location: Zoom

May 3 meeting: Agenda Notes Materials Videos: English Spanish

March 1 meeting: Agenda Notes Materials Video: English

January 11 meeting: Agenda Notes Materials Video: English Spanish

November 2 meeting: Agenda Notes - Video: English Spanish

September 7 meeting:  Agenda  Notes  - Video (English) Video (Spanish)