Authored Resolutions



3/8/22 Humanitarian Relief from the Children and Families of the Los Angeles Unified School District to the Children and Families of Ukraine (Res-025-21/22)
2/8/22 Climate Literacy (Res-016-21/22)


9/28/21 October as National Principals Month (Res-007-21/22)
7/13/21 Affirming the Value of Jewish Students, Staff, and Families in the Los Angeles Unified School District and Addressing Anti-Semitism (Res-001-21/22
6/22/21 Protecting the Health and Safety of Students, Families and Staff as Schools Reopen (Res-033-20/21)
04/14/21 Supporting the Implementation of the State Seal of Civic Engagement Res-016- 20/21


10/06/20 Standing with the Armenian People and the Republic of Artsakh (Res-010-20/21)
9/15/20 Opposing Changes to the U.S. Department of Education Title IX Regulations (Res-006-20/21)
3/10/20 March 21 as World Down Syndrome Awareness Day (Res-033-19/20)


11/27/19 Transitioning Los Angeles Unified School District to 100% Clean Renewable Energy Resulting in Healthier Students and More Sustainable, Equitable Communities (Res-018-19/20)
10/01/19 October as National Principals Month (Res-008-19/20)
09/03/19 Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month (Res-007-19/20)
09/03/19 Protecting Our Students and School Communities by Addressing Emergency and Lockdown Drill Policies (Res-006-19/20)
06/18/19 Protecting Our Children from Preventable Gun Violence (Res-046-18/19)
05/21/19 Providing Quality Elementary School Libraries (Res-040-18/19)
04/23/19 National School Library Month (Res-035-18/19)
04/23/19 Celebrating Los Angeles School Police During National Police Week (Res-033-18/19)
04/23/19 Proclaiming May as Safe Jobs for Youth Month (Res-024-18/18)
02/19/19 Reimagining Open Government Based on Transparency, Accountability and Effective Oversight (Res-020-18/19)
01/08/19 Strategic Planning for Adequate Funding of Public Education in Los Angeles (Res-014-18/19)


12/17/18 Supporting our Classified Employees by Participation in the AB 1808 Classified School Employees Summer Assistance Program (Res-017-18/19)
08/21/18 Providing a Voice and a Vote for the Constituents of Board District 5 (Res-002-17/18)
05/08/18 Classified School Employee Week 2018 (Res-043-17/18)
03/13/18 Celebrating Adult Education Week (Res-029-17/18)


09/12/17 Recognizing America’s Safe Schools Week (Res-006-17/18)
04/18/17 Celebrating Los Angeles School Police during National Police Week 2017 (Res-083-16/17)
04/18/17 May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (Res-078-16/17)


11/15/16 Closure of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility (Res-040-16/17)
09/20/16 Dyslexia Awareness Month (Res-023-16/17)
01/12/16 Excellent Public Education for Every Student (Res-019-15/16)