Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Newsletter


from Board Vice President Scott Schmerelson

Board Member Schmerelson chairs the Special Education Committee of the Board which includes two other Board members. 

As Board Vice President, he chairs the Committee of the Whole which includes all members of the Board discussing specific topics more in depth. The Board does not vote on any item at this meeting.

Below please find the updates about what happened at the meetings of the Board during this past month. You can find summaries of past Board and Committee meetings here.


MAY 2024

You can find notes from each of the meetings with links to the agendas, materials, videos, and summaries by clicking the links below. In the Summaries Notes, you will also find updates about investments that the Board approved for schools in BD3, as well as Resolutions that BM Schmerelson sponsored.

During the month of May, Board Member Schmerelson sent out two editions of his Newsletter – you can see them here: Early May Edition and Late May Edition.